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Shantou City Chaonan Meibo comb daily plastic factory is located in the beautiful coastal city - Shantou City Chaonan Xiashan Industrial Zone, close to 324 National Road, adjacent to Shantou port, airport outside sand, water and land and air transportation is very convenient, superior geographical advantages.

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What are the student stationery lists?

1. Black gel pen: The gel pen uses a 0.5mm pen. The exam requirements for the college entrance examination are all required to answer with a 0.5mm black pen. 2, red gel pen: red pen is used to correct the homework. Generally, two black pens, one black pen and one red pen are placed in the pen case. 3, highlighter, will be used when the focus is drawn, pick the color you like, usually up to 2. Highlighters recommend yellow and purple, one is brighter and the other is more conspicuous. 4, notebook: each department prepares a notebook. Incomprehensible knowledge points, wrong questions, etc. can be written down for easy review later. 5, word book: English word book, exquisite, easy to carry, you can take it out at any time. 6, the handbook: a more advanced diary, the three provinces of my body, insist on daily account, simple records, can play the role of planning, supervising self, finishing, releasing pressure, progress and so on. 7, sticky notes: Post-it is a kind of sticky note paper, the back of the sticker is sticky. Generally small in size. The discovery of post-it notes is very accidental. Originally, scientists were trying to study a very sticky glue, but found that the weak glue was weak. 8. Correction belt: It is very convenient to modify the error, and it can keep the writing neat and tidy. Here, it is forbidden to use the correction tape in the college entrance examination. 9, automatic pencil: choose good quality, not easy to break lead. The automatic pencil, that is, after the pressure is released, the spring returns to the original pencil. 10, 2B pencil: 2B pencil for the test, produced by regular manufacturers, in case of buying fake and shoddy, affecting the test scores. The 2B pencil is a soft pencil, and the depth of the 2B pencil ink is suitable for the test applicator to read the card and to be easy to write. 11. Compass: Mathematics must be used. Compass is used in mathematics and drawing. It is a tool for drawing circles or strings. It is often used for ruler drawing. 12, ruler set: mathematics must be used, ruler and scale, is used to draw line segments (especially straight), measure the length of the tool. There are usually scales on the ruler to measure the length. Some rulers have special shapes such as letters or round holes in the middle for the user to draw. Turn left | turn right Extended information: Student stationery categories include: pencil case, pencil case, pencil, automatic pencil, watercolor pen, whiteboard pen, ballpoint pen, gel pen, oil pastel, oil pen, crayons, pen, school bag, eraser, pencil sharpener, pen cutting, Liquid glue, solid glue, ruler, compass, utility knife, scissors, book cover, correction tape, folder, book, file bag, drawing board, refill, etc.



What is the benefit of insisting on combing a hundred times a day?

Comb is a daily behavior of people. In life, except for the bald crowd, other people comb their hair almost every day, but only how many times they comb their hair. Most people only comb their hair once a day. From the point of view of Chinese medicine, there are many acupuncture points on the head of the person. It is often beneficial to comb the hair. In the folk, there is also a saying that "combs a hundred times, sick less than half." In fact, many celebrities have been keen on combing their hair since ancient times. For example, Su Dongpo, a great poet of the Song Dynasty, once said: "Combating more than a hundred combs, lying down, sleeping to the Ming." In addition, I believe that friends who often read the news will also find that some of the centenarians’ longevity secrets are combing their hair every day. Combing more than a hundred times. Not only that, but there are also many ancient and modern medical books with relevant records, such as "Yanshou Book" said: "If you make more combs, you will go to the wind and look at the wind. It is often a hundred and twenty." Said: "A thousand times combed hair, the head is not white." It can be seen that the comb has a certain health care value. So, what is the benefit of insisting on combing a hundred times a day? 5 good things may be "unsolicited", so take a look. 1, the situation of headache is less Combs a hundred times a day can effectively prevent headaches. This is because the comb stimulates the scalp and can relieve the nervous and sinuous blood vessels on the head, thus preventing and treating vascular neuropathic headache, migraine, and neurasthenia. 2, white hair and off-the-spot reduction Sticking to the hair for a hundred times a day can also stimulate the scalp peripheral nerves, improve and improve the blood circulation of the head, not only can effectively reduce hair loss, alopecia areata and hair whitening, but also scalp, scalp pain, dandruff, hair oil, etc. It has obvious improvement effect and greatly improves hair quality. 3, the brain is slower than aging Daily combing a hundred times, repeated massage and stimulation of the scalp can promote intracranial vasodilation, accelerate blood circulation in the head, improve intracranial oxygen supply, benefit the normal function of the brain, and delay the aging process of brain cells. It plays a role in preventing brain damage. 4, mental stress is much less Insist on combing a hundred times a day, the scalp is stimulated by the repeated massage of the comb, and the nerve endings will transmit these stimuli to the cerebral cortex, thereby regulating the function of the head nerve, facilitating relaxation of the nervous state of the head and relieving mental stress. . 5, yang is more accessible Chinese medicine believes that the human head is the meeting of Zhuyang. Every day, combing the comb with a comb for a hundred times can promote the germination of the yang, help the circulation of blood and blood, clear the leader, and help the qi and ventilate. Reminder: Sticking to the hair a hundred times a day is also very particular. It is recommended to choose a wide comb of horn comb, jade comb, wooden comb, and try not to use a plastic comb. In addition, the comb should be combed throughout the head, regardless of the middle or both sides of the head, should start from the hairline of the forehead, and comb from the back to the root of the neck. And the strength of the comb should not be too light, otherwise it will not be able to massage, the intensity should not be too large, otherwise it is easy to scratch the skin. In addition, it is best to comb the hair three times a day, every day, every day for 10 minutes, about 100 times a day.



What material comb comb is best

What is the best material for the comb: horn material comb We all know that the horn comb is a very good comb, both in terms of materials and price. It is understood that the horns are cool and non-toxic, and are natural and valuable materials. Use the horn comb to comb the head, it can be descaled without sticking, itching without pain, warm without hanging, long-term frequent use of it to comb the hair, while scalp massage, as well as accelerate the blood circulation of the head, enhance immunity, cool and cool Blood, analgesic and itching, soothe the nerves, prevent static electricity, prevent hair loss, dandruff, and promote hair growth and other unique health effects. In addition, the different angles of the horns on the back of the comb are consistent with the natural curve of the human body, and can be directly used to massage the face and the body, which has a good effect on the cold, rheumatism, neurasthenia and the like, and has a good effect on beauty and slimming. . What is the best material for the comb: peach wood comb Since the ancient times, there have been town houses in ancient times, and the saying that evil spirits have been kept safe has been passed down to the present day and is deeply loved by people. Moreover, the comb made of mahogany is also good. The long-term use of the peach-wood comb has the effect of smoothing the head meridians and eliminating nerve fatigue, and has certain health effects on preventing hair loss, dizziness, insomnia and other symptoms. Among them, the biggest advantage of the mahogany comb is that it has no static electricity, does not pull the hair, can effectively stimulate the acupuncture points, promote the blood circulation of the head cortex, can clear the meridians, clear the brain and refresh the blood gas, and enhance the memory, insomnia, dizziness and hair loss. Efficacy, the realization of the perfect unity of practical and health care. What is the best material for the comb: boxwood comb The wood of boxwood is very tough and dense. The boxwood contained in the wood can inhibit fungi, heat and detoxification, and hurricane dehumidification. This kind of comb can obviously relieve itching and dandruff. What is the best material for the comb: natural bristle comb Hair combs often made with bristle can treat hair loss, although the scalp will feel a slight pain when you first use it. As long as you have a long time, you will love the enjoyment of this kind of stimulation. Can delay the rate of hair loss. However, when using, it is best not to comb on wet hair, otherwise it will reduce the life of the comb.


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